Tuesday October 04, 2022

INTERGLOBAL LIMITED was incorporated in 1992 as a limited liability company that will offer leading-edge Information & Communication Technology products and services. The ethos of INTERGLOBAL is to deliver optimum service and support which exceeds the expectations of our clients, help our customers enhance productivity, increase business agility, and improve customer loyalty, thereby maximizing our revenue.

Key differentiators that distinguish INTERGLOBAL include:

  • A broad portfolio of market-leading products that offer flexibility, investment protection, and superior performance
  • Value-added services and support programs that maximize uptime, simplify management, and deliver solid value
  • Professional account management with a single point of contact

INTERGLOBAL believes that the best value comes from offering customers a superior total solution. In addition to providing high-performance products that are competitively priced, INTERGLOBAL’s superior service and support capabilities, contribute to synergistic solutions that make INTERGLOBAL the clear choice for discerning customers nationwide.

By selecting INTERGLOBAL, Clients gain an experienced and dedicated business partner with the ability to deliver a comprehensive solution. INTERGLOBAL’s unique qualifications include corporate stability, technical and business strengths and experience in serving technology markets for over 29 years. With more than 65 professionals providing service, Interglobal is directly supporting over 8,000 Computer Hardware assets worth over ₦10 billion all over Nigeria.

INTERGLOBAL is aware that our Client’s success in meeting their overall enterprise goals will depend on choosing a partner that can provide competitive pricing strategies, world-class support, reliable quality products and value-added programs. INTERGLOBAL’s commitment to product quality, superior service and support, product and image stability, focused account management and product manageability all have a positive impact on achieving our Client’s end-to-end lifecycle-management objectives.

A main strength of INTERGLOBAL is its staff of well trained IT Professionals that work with an attitudinal framework that includes:

  • Being focused towards one vision
  • Working together with cohesion towards that vision
  • Keeping procedures and practices simple
  • Believing in achievement
  • Aspiring to be great and inspirational
  • Realising that every individual’s effort is essential to Interglobal’s vision
We look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate the value-added benefits that INTERGLOBAL offers and to discussing the next steps in forging a strong and mutually beneficial business relationship