Tuesday October 04, 2022

Interglobal provides true business value that addresses your needs through a holistic approach that delivers IT processes and operational efficiency delivered through a well coordinated service coverage and a single plan encompassing your entire IT infrastructure coverage includes Servers, Storage, SAN, Networks, Desktops, Peripherals and Software. Coverage includes all required parts, materials and entails;

  • Scheduled periodic maintenance services
  • Repair-time commitment to ensure quick and complete recovery
  • Timely response from our service professionals proficient in the specific platform
  • Remote problem diagnosis and support
  • Onsite hardware support
    For critical issues that cannot be resolved remotely, an Interglobal Support Engineer will be sent to customer premises to diagnose, repair or replace components or entire units when necessary.
  • Established escalation procedures and management

Interglobal's Comprehensive Maintenance service offerings encompass the following categories;

  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Carry out basic cleaning and service checks on all covered hardware
    • Run diagnostics checks to detect and correct any malfunction
    • Ensure all equipment operate at optimal level
  • Per-Call Maintenance
    • Call-to-repair services for customers under contract
    • Charges  are billed on per-visit
    • Parts are replaced and billed to the customer at approved rate
  •  Warranty Support Services
    • Strategic service alliance with leading original equipment manufacturers
    • Provides hardware warranty services on behalf of the vendor
    • Involves the provision of hardware warranty service and following up to ensure compliance with SLA by the OEM on behalf of the customer.
  • Asset Management and Tracking
    • Comprehensive asset audit and tracking
    • Monthly status report
    • Life-cycle advisory and disposal