Tuesday October 04, 2022

Our Network Services division offers a full range of data network services to assist our clients in designing, installing and maintaining a network-computing infrastructure. We also offer Wide Area Network services that will connect branch offices whether located in another building or another city (WAN’s) via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

INTERGLOBAL offers a professional structured cabling and associated service which include:

  • LAN / Office cabling - we can perform cabling installations in ducted and non-ducted premises
  • Structured cabling service for building enterprise back-bones
  • Moves, adds and changes to your existing cabling infrastructure
  • Cable patching and patch panel installations
  • integrated voice/data/video structured cabling

We also offer IT Network Management Services, which include;

  • Network maintenance and administration
  • Automated Network Device and Node management
  • Performance measurement, management and tuning